BAJAUR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) MNA-elect Gul Zafar Khan on Friday spoke to ARY News about the reports that he owns assets worth millions despite being introduced as a ‘chaiwala’ (tea-seller) by his party during July 25 elections.

Speaking during ARY News show ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, Gul Zafar Khan said that he belongs to a noble family in tribal area bu back in 90s he rebelled against the prevalent system and had to leave his home and sell tea at a stall in Karachi.

“I worked in Karachi and sold tea from 1992 to 2002 and then two more years, so in total I worked as a tea-seller for 12 years,” said Gul Zafar.

He explained that the property he declared before Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was all inherited.

Gul Khan who clinched victory in NA-41 (Bajaur) was widely reported to be a ‘chaiwala’ but a look into documents submitted with ECP revealed that he has assets worth over Rs30 million in his name including optical and garment businesses and a non-custom paid luxury car.

Social media trolls were quick to call him a fraud but Zafar Khan maintains that he sacrificed and stayed away from his family and its property to pursue his political ambitions.

He also thanked PTI for putting its trust in him over influential families in tribal areas.

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