KARACHI: Authorities played a ‘spoilsport’ for Karachiites after an order issued closing China Port for the public who had been making frequent sightseeing tours to the newly-discovered location.

The spot had been drawing a lot of visitors after pictures of the fascinating Oyster Rocks started getting viral on the social media.

As seen in the pictures circulating on Twitter and Facebook with horde of people roaming there, now a makeshift blockade of concrete barriers, wooden planks, old bushes have been placed that bar all vehicles from turning towards the sandy area to get on the path from the Marine Promenade leading to China Port.

Karachi China Port

Besides, a police van has also been deployed there with cops signalling every incoming motorist to turn away.

Reports quote Karachi Port Trust (KPT) as saying that security issues were cropping up after visitors in large numbers were making it to the spot and taking photographs (thus revealing the entire vicinity).

Karachi China Port

The place is not that far away from sensitive locations such as the Naval Dockyard, the Naval Academy PNS Rahbar, PNS Himalaya, etc, the reports cite as KPT official as saying.

Also known as ‘Oyster Rocks’, the spot is a about 2.5 kilometers long breakwater built by China to protect the South Asia Pakistan Terminal, but the citizens find it fascinating enough to spend time there with families.

The Oyster Rocks strip was originally built to protect large freight ships from the hazards of a high tide, protect erosion of sand and the coastline.

China Port: A new ‘picnic point’ for Karachiites?

The rock-filled pavement also serves a purpose to protect nearby structures. These rocks are actually called ‘tetra pods’ and they are placed in an interlocking pattern, so they form a porous boundary.

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