JOHANNESBURG: Lion’s reign of terror in the jungle is common, but it becomes attention-seeking when jungle king is challenged by another wildlife predator.

It happened when a lioness’ attempt to hunt a herd of buffalo in South Africa was foiled when one of the animals turned on her and chased her away.

lion herd buffalo
Picture via Newsflare

A video filmed by a safari-goer in Kruger National Park shows the female lion sneaking up on the herd before they notice her and take off running.

The lioness gives chase, but stops suddenly when a male buffalo turns and runs toward her.

lion herd buffalo
Picture via Newsflare

“The lioness turns around and starts running at the full speed with the buffalo behind her. The buffalo chased the lioness for over a hundred meters [328 feet] before they stopped,” the filmer wrote.

Video can be watched here

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