KARACHI: Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of Sindh Police on Thursday released a list carrying names and pictures of 100 most wanted suspects, ARY News reported.

Trade of snatched and stolen motorcycles has become an organised business in Karachi as a large number of people involved in this crime are on the loose.

Talking to media in the megalopolis, ACLC chief SSP Asad Raza said the said suspects were involved in stealing and snatching of motorcycles.

He said posters of the pictorial list were pasted at different public places including all the police stations and public institutions.

“The list also gives people awareness on how to avoid motorcycle theft,” he said.

Raza said the suspects belonged to different areas of Karachi and Balochistan. They would conduct criminal activities with the help of their abettors, he said.

The ACLC chief said the Anti Car Lifting Cell had carried hundreds of raids in last few months and around 8-10 shootouts took place between criminals and police.

“Since January 2018, over 300 criminals have been arrested and put behind bars,” he said.

He said 51 groups involved in vehicle snatching/ stealing were busted and several of their facilitators were also arrested after interrogation from them.

Asad Raza said more than 1,000 motorcycles and 400 cars were recovered from their possession.

He said the cars and motorcycles were returned to citizens as per law.

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