Be it hardcore action, zany antics, or tactical strategy, April has the game for you.

April is here to deliver great new titles, as well as a change of season. While 2018 still has plenty on offer, time sure does fly when there are good games to play.

March was a strong month, with offerings like Ni No Kuni II and Sea of Thieves. Final Fantasy XV, released on consoles back in 2016, also made its way to PCs last month and offered superior graphical fidelity and all the previously released DLC. Far Cry 5 also offered more of the open world first-person hijinks the series is known for, which any Far Cry fan will tell you is a very good thing.

April has plenty of hot video games to blow your mind and your wallet out of the water. God of War is April’s biggest draw, giving action aficionados the intense, brutal, and narrative-driven experience the series is known for. RPG players hungering for some beefy lore to chew on may want to check out BattleTech, a rich tactical strategy game based on the 1980s tabletop board game.

April has a solid handful of games you will not want to miss, so check out our list and see what the month has in store.

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