No fooling: Entire franchises get the axe this month on Netflix, so start watching.

These days, it’s odd for a list of everything leaving Netflix to only include movies—the service is certainly just as much about entire seasons of TV as it is about films. But April is an exception; the official list is all movies (and a comedy special).

But what a list! There’s all the original, pre-Christian Bale Batman flicks (the two good ones and the two bad ones), the first two American Pie movies, and both Ace Ventura movies. It’s a bloodbath. On the upside, Wild Wild West—the film that could have killed Will Smith’s career were it not for the sheer power of his charisma—is also saying farewell.

We picked out four highlights you should check out in the next week; the full list is below. Of course, keep your eye on Hulu and Amazon Video, where some of these flicks might end up.

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