Netflix all but invented the binge watch; these original shows are our favorites.

There was a time not so long ago when all new TV shows and seasons debuted in the fall, and episodes were doled out on a weekly basis. If you missed an episode, you’d have to wait until summer to catch a rerun.

It was a dark, dark time.

We now live in the binge-watch age, where streaming video services mean TV is a constant. New shows appear year round, from all corners of the globe, and services frequently drop an entire season all at once.

For that we have to thank Netflix, which changed the paradigm of TV watching enough that many now mimic it. But few come close to what Netflix is willing to spend on original content (up to $8 billion in 2018, including movies, specials, and documentaries); expect around 60 new series this year alone.

That’s a lot to watch. And there’s already plenty on Netflix. But not to worry. If you want to see only the very best of Netflix Original series, this is the list you want. Don’t agree? Sound off in the comments.

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