Whether you want a customizable full-size tower or a mini PC, there’s something for nearly every budget. Here are the best refurbished desktop deals for March 2018.

For those of us looking to get the most computing bang for our buck, desktop PCs are a solid option. The price-performance ratio is superb, the useful lifespan is extensive, and making upgrades is comparatively easy.

Better yet, choosing a refurbished model can help you save even moreā€”up to 30 percent off the original price.

Many well-known manufacturers like Apple and Dell have very strict inspection and testing guidelines, ensuring that the refurbished products they sell are very reliable. In fact, a hefty chunk of refurbished items are customer returns with minimal use. And because 30-day, 90-day, and one-year warranties are common, you have a layer of protection if you run into a hardware failure.

To help you find exactly the right desktop refurb, we’ve scoured the internet to find eight of our favorites from various manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a simple all-in-one rig, a customizable full-size tower, or a mini PC, there’s something for nearly every budget.

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