See which Netflix flicks are actually worth seeing at home.

Netflix spends billions on content. Yes, billions with a B. This year alone, it plans to spend up to $8 billion on original content—more than the gross domestic product of many countries.

Netflix not only makes a lot of stuff, it buys the rights to many films as well. This strategy fills Netflix to the hilt with hours upon hours of expensive video. It’s ironic considering people complain when stuff leaves the service. But originals? They’re most likely here to stay. Even if there are fewer movies than TV shows on Netflix, there are still so, so many options that it’s impossible for Netflix to effectively market them all. Only word of mouth will truly work.

That’s where we come in. Below, behold what we deem the 10 very best films on Netflix as of this writing. These aren’t just films for geeks—we’ll have that separate list later. This is a look at pure quality, as close to Oscar- (or at least Golden Globe-)caliber as you can get with Netflix Originals. If we left your favorite off the list, head to the comments and start a fight.

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