These Chrome add-ons turn Google’s webmail client into an ultra-powerful service.

Ready to feel old? Gmail made its debut 16 years ago, while Google Chrome recently turned 10.

As of this writing, Chrome is still the top browser on computers, with 61 percent of users, according to NetMarketshare. Gmail had a 26 percent market share according to Litmus—and that’s up 7 percent since 2016 and second only to the iPhone’s Mail app in overall email client use.

It stands to reason that using Google’s Gmail in Google’s Chrome browser would be like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, right? Actually, Gmail works fine with other browsers, but many Chrome-specific extensions add amazing features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience.

Here is a collection of our favorites, many of them free (we indicate the price, if not). All are worth a try if you’re a serious Gmail-er using Chrome on almost any platform, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, or a Chromebook.

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