Speed up the process by using Quick Start, an automatic setup feature in iOS 11.

You’ve just upgraded to a new iPhone and now it’s time to set it up. Ugh, now you have to go through each screen in the initial setup process, trying to remember how you configured your old iPhone. If only there was a way to transfer the key settings from your old iPhone to the new one.

Yes, you can perform a backup and restore via iTunes or iCloud but that just handles the apps and data. Another option can automate the transfer of most other settings, as long as you’re running iOS 11 or higher.

The latest version of iOS offers an automatic setup feature for outfitting a new iPhone. You just point your new phone at the old one, and all the core settings transfer over. You still need to go through the setup screens for Touch ID (or Face ID), Siri, and Apple Pay. But at least the automatic setup feature takes care of the rest. And it works on iPad, too.

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