How one can be a part of any sports without playing. We all have one or other reason for not been active in sports. i.e. not actively playing the sports. But that does not mean that we can not be the part of the game. Yes we cherish the victory moment and agonise in defeat of our favourite team, but to be in the thick of the moment is a different feeling. And most of us just sit there watch it passing by our vision. We want to be with the player, understand their feeling and of course feel the heat.

As things are not as we want, we can still create the feelings in our mind. By creative writing we can create any scenario and give our touch and twist to the game. We can imagine the player thought while in a critical moment of the game and also create a conversation between player. With the help creative writing and we can part of the whole exciting experience that player are experiencing in the field.

When we start writing the we are not the spectator, we are the player. We play the game in our own way. Writing helps to relax. When we are upset or too tensed after a game and if we write about it, we feel relaxed. Our mind thinks everything happened as we thought. It gives happiness.

Here is an example of how you can create a story.

The environment is electrifying. Bumrah walking back to his run up. Kohli is constantly talking to him. Encouraging him and giving some advice. Jordan on the other end is consulting with partner Moeen. Both the team are a whisker away from victory. For India it is a do or die match to keep the series alive. For England it’s a golden chance to seal the series. They won the first one emphatically chasing a score similar to this match. But their stars of that match are gone now. With bigger field and large boundary it is a different scenario. In the previous over Nehra removed danger man stokes. Bumrah also made it worse for England by removing Root and Butler. With two balls to go and seven run needed it is anybody’s match. When asked how he remains calm in dead overs, the great finisher Dhoni said that in dead overs pressure is equally on the bowlers. Most used tactics by the bowlers in the dead overs are Yorker, slow delivery and wide of the stumps delivery. But all this may boomerang if not executed with perfection. Yorker may become a full toss, slow delivery may become easy picking, wide of the stumps may far wide. Bumarh has all the options as he can bowl good Yorker. But in the previous match his yorkers were not on the mark and easily dispatched to boundary by England batsman. He has bowled few slow delivery and might get predictable. Bowling wide of stumps is too dicey as a wide delivery will give an extra delivery to the batsman. It is the penultimate delivery of the over. If he can stops batsman from scoring, the game will be over.

Kohli is animated and asked Bumrah what is his plan. Bumrah is sacking his hand. After this over he will become either hero or devil. He shivered thinking if Jordan hits him over the boundary. His palms are sweating. With dew on the filed it is making more slippery. He wiped to ball vigorously with the cloth. He has decided not to bowl a Yorker. It is too dangerous and after the previous game he is not confident enough to try it. He took a deep breath and eliminated the option.

Now with remaining two options he thought about the wide of stump delivery. If he can mix it with slow one it might work. But Jordan is big and has wide reach. If he connects and even mistime it, still he can go for couple. That will keep the match alive till the last ball. After eliminating two options he feels relaxed. Now he will bowl a slower one. Back of the length delivery. He has good reason for bowling that delivery. He gets ready. Jordan walked back to the crease. What he is up to. Jordan thought and cursed himself to be in this position. He was relaxing at dug out. With butler hammering Nehra in the previous over win was just a few balls away. But this guy has changed the scenario. He was sorry for Roots. That was a wrong decision. He has not tried the Yorker. A fast Yorker. I would have also tried a Yorker.

Jordan took guard a few inches inside the crease. Inside the gloves his palms are sweaty. He tighten his grip. He has to hit it hard. If he can score a boundary in this delivery, things will be easy. With corner of the eyes he surveyed the field. Set to save boundaries. He needs to take the aerial rout. With the plan chalked out in his mind he waited Bumrah to start run up. Bumrah saw Jordan standing few inched inside the crease. Good, he is ready for Yorker. Bumrah smiled to himself. Jordan saw the ball landing just sort of good length. He changed his stance and swings his bat. He saw the ball passed by him and at the same time he saw Moeen running towards him. He also dashed to the other end. He looked back and saw Dhoni’s throw missing the stump at Moeen’s end. He heaved a sigh of relief. Last ball Six run. Still possible. He signaled Moeen to come. Spectators are going wild. They are getting their money’s worth. And the home team is in advantage. Moeen agreed to him that Bumrah is not going to ball Yorker. He is bowling good slow stuff. In the last delivery he is not definitely going to experiment. Moeen slowly walked back to the crease. Is Morgan expecting a six from him? Well he delivered his bowling part well. He looked at the dug out. Morgan, roots, butler their faces are gloomy. So they already have conceded the match. Moeen felt relaxed. No more pressure on him. If he can do it, it will be an unexpected performance. He stayed just out of the crease.

Source by Ujjal Goswami


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