February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s full of quality games.

February’s selection of new video game releases is less multiplayer-oriented than January, offering up involved, single-player experiences. There are also a few re-releases on the horizon, so if you’re itching to replay a classic or three, February has got you covered.

We got some really excellent games in January, many with hours upon hours of multiplayer-focused fun. Dragonball FighterZ is an intense 3v3 tag-fighting game that pits your favorite Dragonball Z characters against one another in spectacular, high-flying action. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT also pits six players against one another in dynamic, team-based combat. But Monster Hunter World is January’s crown jewel, delivering a lengthy boss-hunting action RPG you can enjoy alone or with friends online.

February may be the most romantic month of the year, but its game offerings will have you hiding from the world to immerse yourself in the experience. Who needs love when you have video games?

Shadow of the Colossus is a high-definition remake of the sprawling adventure game classic that pits you against massive stone giants. The sexy witch Bayonetta steps out onto the Nintendo Switch , giving action game aficionados the intense and spectacular combat of the first two games to enjoy on the go.

With six must-buy games to choose from this month, there are bound to be a few games to your liking. Check them all out below.

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