Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

15 Creative Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home For Free

Halloween is right around the corner, and every year costumes get more expensive, while somehow managing to be done at a cheaper quality. People tend to look more towards costumes they can make in the safety of their own home, and I don’t blame them. The last thing I feel comfortable doing is shelling out $200 for a costume that I’m only going to wear for one night. The most creative route you can take is to get a bunch of items related to your costume and do it yourself. It’ll both save you money and you get to put your creative mind to work. However, some people don’t have that luxury, but they want to enjoy Halloween.

Well, luckily there are tons of costumes you can make with items you find around your home. And the best thing about it is it’s completely free. Granted, there are a few that you may need to spend a few bucks on, but at the end of the day, you’re saving a fortune while making a unique costume that you can get away with wearing year after year after year. This type of thing is perfect for parents with kids since you can get your kids to express their creativity through artistic outlets. It can be fun for everybody, and the end result will be something spooky for others to enjoy while you go trick or treating, or partying. I’ve compiled a list of costumes you can make from the safety of your own home.

15. Cat

Being a cat is one of the most popular costumes during the Halloween season, but as the years continue going forward, the prices of costumes tend to increase with little to no reason for doing so. The convenience of creating costumes at home will be a necessity for those wanting to pull the best costumes off, and luckily it’s super easy to pull off a legitimate cat costume with things you probably have laying around your house. The simplest form of a cat costume would be take a black sweater or t-shirt, and match it with some black jeans or sweatpants. The only difficult part would be figuring out how to incorporate homemade cat ears, but honestly, with some craftsmanship, some black construction paper, and something sturdy to attach it to, you’ll have a homemade cat costume in no time. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get some non-toxic black marker and draw some whiskers and a cat nose for full effect.

14. Cow

Every kid loves to dress up for the holidays and some love the appeal of dressing up as a cow. Through the years, there have been some fantastic cow costumes, the ones that come with utters, and ones that don’t. Since you’re planning to stick to a strict budget for your Halloween season, there are ways for you to create a unique and powerful cow costume with nothing but the things at home. The easiest way to accomplish a cow costume is to take a garbage bag, poke a hold through the bottom, and ensure that it fits you properly. If it doesn’t, just take some extra grocery bags and attach them until you seem happy. The easiest part about this is the spots. All you have to do is circle them onto the costume, and before your very eyes, you’ve got a cow costume. The more complicated way to do this is to take a black hoodie you’re no longer using, and attach some white cut out spots onto the costume. Proceed to do the same for a pair of pants you no longer wear. The result will be an entirely unique and cool looking cow costume that you can show off during the Halloween season.

13. Minecraft Character

Whether or not you believe Minecraft is still popular should not discourage you from dressing up as Minecraft characters this Halloween, especially since it’s so easy to make a costume that mimics the “Steve” character we’ve all come to know and love. With nothing but a cardboard box, all you really need to do is find some paper large enough to cover the surface areas of the cardboard box, then use your artistic skill to create a mirror image of what the face of “Steve” looks like. The nice thing about this is not only is the cardboard box the only real necessity for this costume, you have complete freedom over which character you want if you’re not interested in going as “Steve.” You can go as a creeper, a zombie, a skeleton, and even the wither. This costume will allow you to put all your creative skill to the test. And if you’re really looking to impress people at a party, use the same kind of method for the head to create Minecraft weapons and armor. You’ll be the life of the party at this rate.

12. Spooky Ghost

A ghost costume has gotten to be not just the simplest outfit to make out of nothing amid the Halloween season, additionally a standout amongst the most available with respect to what you have lying around your home. Take an old bed sheet or another one in the event that you truly feel the one you purchased is awful, rip a few openings in it for the eyes, and voila you have a ghost. This ensemble works extraordinarily well in case you’re truly spent for money or you’re going the more oversimplified course. In many cases, ghost costumes can be the life of a gathering particularly on the off chance that you add your own spin to it. Furthermore, adding some sort of green or red dye to signify a crime scene can go a long way, and the addition of weaponry will make your costume stand out even more. Just ensure that if you’re going the weaponry route, it’s nothing sharp or dangerous.

11. Christmas Gift

There’s really only a few handful of times in the midst of the year that you get the chance to squash two events together. Why not do it with Christmas and Halloween? Much like some distinctive outfits on here, this one is super straightforward and can be a lot of fun if done effectively. If you have a cardboard box sitting around your home, attach some wrapping paper around it and hit two gaps on either side. Voila, you have a Christmas present costume. While at first look this may seem silly and rather unorthodox, that is because of its unorthodox and rather silly nature. There is really nothing wrong with making an outfit for the sole motivation behind being entertaining. I’d have a ton of fun assembling an outfit that I know was implied for comic drama than to assemble a costume that I know a hundred other individuals were going to have.

10. Dirty Laundry

Some days you get up in the morning and you simply don’t have a craving for dealing with the hamper of filthy clothing that you have been procrastinating on for a considerable length of time. In this regard, much like most things that you don’t crave doing, why not transform it into a Halloween outfit? Trust it or not, this one is a great way to enjoy the holidays, since it prompts such a variety of various conceivable outcomes like the homeless man costume and the zombie outfit. The least demanding approach to create this costume is to take a portion of the grimy clothing that is still wearable and toss an opening through an old clothing hamper. Put the messy garments on, and wrap the hamper around your waist, and suddenly you’re a walking structure of filthy clothing. This one is particularly valuable for those that truly don’t have a craving for doing anything for Halloween, yet at the same time want to dress up. Obviously, simply ensure you shower prior, or put on some aroma or cologne. Nothing is more regrettable than possessing a smell similar to filthy socks.

9. Zombie

Particularly with the existence of The Walking Dead and numerous other zombie related TV shows and movies, a zombie ensemble will without a doubt surpass desires concerning a Halloween outfit. Fortunately, it’s super simple to transform yourself into a zombie from the comfort of your own home and no I’m not pushing you to go out and get bit by one; that’d be senseless. Take some old garments that you have laying around the house, or garments that have wears and tears in them and apply some red color to them. The best part about this is you’ll know the garments fit since they were beforehand claimed by you, so there’s no compelling reason to guarantee the size has much effect. The absolute best thing that can occur when portraying a zombie for Halloween is taking a spot in a zombie walk. It has happened for a few years to date and it’s certainly a lot of fun.

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8. Mummy

The decent thing is, it’s super simple to imitate so that even those without a gigantic financial balance can get in on the good times. Just take a couple rolls of tissue, or maybe even some old white apparel, and begin to wrap it around yourself, keeping your neck and other touchy regions in tact. Before you know it, you’ll have an outfit that imitates that of a mummy. The following step however not necessary is take some mud and spread it around the apparel or material you choose to use to give off the illusion that you woke up from a few hundred years of underground slumber. This has worked exceptionally well for those that need to run with something straightforward, yet might want to share in the startling natures of Halloween. If you’re looking for some form of lawn ornament for Halloween, wrapping a mannequin in the same material mentioned before works really well.

7. Baby

Besides of course the excessive screaming and poopy diapers, a baby costume is of the many that have become noticeably popular as the years press on. This one works exceptionally well if you are the parent of a baby or still have some baby clothes lying around the house from when you had a baby. Just take either the bib they used to wear while they ate and attach it to your neck and voila, baby costume. You can also go the creative route as showcased in the image above by taking an old onesie and simply attaching it to the collar of your shirt. Not only does it work as a costume, but it also it gives the illusion that you are simultaneously going as a baby with a big head. Hilarity will most certainly ensue, and it makes it that much better when you decide to consume alcoholic beverages of sorts.

6. Captain Underpants

Not a whole lot of people may remember Captain Underpants, but I remember owning every issue that came out when the underwear wearing superhero was popular. While I always found it funny that a grown man was flying around in underwear, I never once thought that it’d be a good way to celebrate Halloween, but again as costumes increase in price, we have to find alternatives to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank. This costume is literally as simple as taking a pair of preferably clean underwear, putting it over a pair of pants or short shorts, and attaching a towel cape to it. Congratulations, you are in the Halloween spirit with not only a super unique costume, but also one that will get people asking you where it stems from. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with getting people to understand what Captain Underpants is, especially since it seems as though the once famous superhero has not stood the test of time.

5. Bob Ross

Everyone knows at this point Bob Ross is the man. It’s clear through his notoriety of his TV appearances on The Joy of Paintingand numerous web pics that are scattered along a wide range of Internet platforms. The next best thing for somebody of this famous caliber is the capacity to be transformed into a Halloween outfit, and before you say anything, Halloween costumes don’t generally need to be scary. For example, I went as a homeless man one year, and it was exceptionally well received. For whatever length of time that you’re creative with your costumes, you can find success with basically any outfit. All you truly need for this one is a fake Afro, a blue collared button up shirt, and pants. In the event that you normally grow an Afro, you’re just asking to be Bob Ross for Halloween. In the event that I were you, I’d exploit your wavy haired Afro hereditary qualities and put them to great use.

4. Tourist

Say for instance you were simply getting back in from vacation, and Halloween was practically around the corner. Fortunately for you, if this is in fact the case, you don’t need to try changing into an alternate ensemble since being a vacationer is yet another inventive approach to express your affection for the Halloween season. As the years progressed, much like I specified with Bob Ross, you don’t need to bother with something alarming or gross to get into the Halloween spirit. Truth be told, I’d much rather see some individual go well beyond and take a stab at something new keeping in mind the end goal of expressing their imagination as opposed to running with the typical Halloween fare. Granted, I’m always a fan of seeing the popular costumes be given a new approach, and from time to time it’s great when people revive the classics, but something like a tourist is not only creative, but also funny.

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3. Where’s Waldo?

There are a few routes for you to be the life of a fun filled Halloween party with a straightforward idea of “Where’s Waldo?” This one can be a great deal of fun particularly in case you’re hosting a Halloween gathering for more youthful children. The ensemble itself is super simple. Simply get a red and white striped shirt and match it with a red and white cap. Numerous sports teams follow this color trend so it shouldn’t be excessively troublesome to find a hat to match your needs. In any case, if you’re hoping to spare a great deal of cash, simply get some red construction paper and frame it into a cone and attach some string to the base to keep it from tumbling off of your head. Alongside the outfit, you can transform the entire thought into an amusement for the children by giving them a “hide and seek” test of sorts to discover “Waldo.”

2. Old Man / Grandpa

If you’re already in your later years, this one is super easy for you. However, if you’re in your younger years, it’s still fairly simple and possibly a lot more fun. The old man / grandpa costume, although being a bit rare in earlier years, has started to become a lot more popular in the more recent years during Halloween. Simply find some form of old man clothing like a checkered button up sweatshirt or even simply wear your pants above your belly button and, before you know it, you’ll be looking like an old man. If you’re really looking to do something extra, take some temporary grey hair dye and apply it to your hair. And if you’re looking for an exceptionally convincing old man costume, getting a face mask works wonders.  That, mixed with a classy hat and suit, can go a long way in pulling such a concept off for the Halloween season.

1. Robot

All kids, whether you’re a teenager or in your pre-teens, have always enjoyed the sight of robot costumes, prompting this to be the number one item on this list. I’ve not seen a robot costume that I didn’t think was both clever and well made. The convenient thing about this one as well is strictly due to being able to make a full-fledged robot costume from your own home. Much like the Minecraft character where you only made the head, just apply the same knowledge you used for that one, but instead of mimicking that of Minecraft, just draw on the boxes robot parts and a robot face, and lo and behold you’ve got yourself a robot costume. To go the extra mile with this one, you can get a recording of robot sounds and attach it to the inside of the costume, that way when people walk near you, all you have to do is turn the recording on and let people be blown away by your creativity.

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