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30 Greatest Wingmen of All Time

The show How I Met Your Mother taught us quite a bit. Most importantly, How I Met Your Mother reminded us of what it means to be a true friend, and more than that, a bro. More sacred than that of course, is that group of bros who can be designated as wingmen. On top of that, while the wingman’s primary duty is the acquisition of booty; a true wingman’s has more responsibilities than that and entail being there for your bro at all times, no matter what the situation. In honor of the end of that series; here is a look at some of the greatest wingmen of all-time from the world of television, film and video games. The trio of Barney, Ted and Marshall will not be discussed here, because they, as three bros, have revolutionized the game.

30. Jesse: Pinkman: Breaking Bad

This poor guy had to carry the dad from Malcolm in the Middle through a variety of drug deals. Talk about dedication.

29. Augustus Cole: Gears of War

He’ll follow you anywhere, and if there are any obstacles in the way, he’ll knock’em over or blow holes in them.

28. Lumiere and Cogsworth: Beauty and the Beast

They may have done it through song, but these two helped Beauty escape her love and then find it. That’s what bros gotta do.

27. Roger Murtaugh: Lethal Weapon

He may be too old for this shit, but Danny Glover does whatever he wants.

26. Odie: Garfield

Odie helps fix the situation when that jerk John tries to hide what Garfield wants. Lasagna.

25. Walter Sobchak: The Big Lewbowski

Nobody pisses on the dude’s rug and gets away with it while Walter is around. It ties the room together, he has no choice.

24. Buzz Lightyear: Toy Story

He’s literally his wingman. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

23. Garth: Wayne’s World

Partytime. Excellent.

22. Joey/Chandler: Friends

Either one was a great wingman to the other. Whether it was to keep Chandler’s secret relationship with Monica from the others or to share the life of a duck together, these bros knew how to support one another.

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21. Pikachu: Pokemon

Even when Ash had to fight Brock at the first gym and Rock was a bad match-up for Pikachu, Pika made sure that Ash prevailed. A true bro.

20. Pedro: Napoleon Dynamite

Say what you will about this movie, like “was there a plot?” But it did teach us all a thing or two about friendship…I think.

19. Barney: The Flintstones

Two best buds living in the Stone Age with attractive women. Minus having animals for tools, it was a pretty sweet life.

18. Pinky: Pinky and the Brain

NARF! POIT! I hope I’m not the only pseudo adult that still remembers these guys. He sure wasn’t the brightest penny in the fountain but Pinky gave it 100% every time and was loyal to Brain despite tons of abuse.

17. Frank Woods: Call of Duty: Black Ops

There are a ton of bro-ments in the Call of Duty series, and an honorable mention goes out to Price and Soap, but Frank Woods and Alex Mason take part in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, fight in Vietnam/Cambodia and in their last few seconds as a duo Woods tackles Kravchenko and his live grenades through a window saving Mason.

16. Eric Murphy: Entourage

They may have been best friends since very early in life, but it still takes a hell of a bro to be Vince’s manager. But it’s no question that they are both right where they belong.

15. Robin: Batman

Fun fact: the exclamation “Holy cow!” was actually coined by Batman’s faithful sidekick. Is there any more famous crime fighting duo in the comic book universe? Say what you will about the horrible one-liners and the tights, everything else is spot on…oh wait…scratch that.

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14. Ron Weasley: Harry Potter Series

I’ve always said: it’s always wise to have one close friend who is a ginger. With that out of the way, Weasley has helped Harry out of pretty much every perilous situation imaginable.

13. Dr. Watson: Sherlock Holmes

No matter what version of the Sherlock Holmes character you are watching or reading, Watson is a brilliant and helpful bro to the detective (Except for Lucy Liu, that’s just confusing).

12. Garrus Vakarian: Mass Effect Series

He was there for all three of Shepard’s crusades against the Reapers. Garrus is a true wingman and a convenient one at that. Who wouldn’t want a seven-foot Turian deadeye killer as their primary bro?

11. Constable Reggie: Community

Troy and Abed in the Morning. Best fictional talk show ever.

10. Victor Sullivan: Uncharted

Sullivan could kind of be considered more of a mentor than a bro, but when he insinuates Drake should take a load off, pursue women and stop and smell the roses, we can all tell that he’s really more of a wise buddy than a father figure.

9. Mr. Spock: Star Trek

When it comes down to emotion versus logic, thanks to Captain Kirk’s good buddy Spock, there is no winner and the two remain consistently in balance. If you want further explanation: watch The Big Bang Theory.

8. Silent Bob: Jay and Silent Bob Movies

A bro who is almost always in agreement but never runs his mouth. That’s the dream I think.

7. Samwise Gamgee: Lord of the Rings

Sam followed Frodo to Mordor, fought a spider and even when Frodo was tweaking hard from the ring’s curse, Sam held it together. That’s levelheadedness and dedication that makes up for the whole height thing.

6. Luigi: Super Mario Bros.

“Hey bro, risk your life with me and let’s go save this princess I’m totally into.” “Ok, bro! Anything in this for me?” Ummmmm, we can ride go-carts later.”

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5. Cameron: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Cam stole his father’s Ferrari for his best buddy Ferris (and then destroyed it). He makes the list, no further explanation required.

4. Milhouse Van Houten: The Simpsons

Bart and Milhouse have been through a lot together but they always remained the best of friends, no matter what trouble Bart got Milhouse into or what torture he had to endure. “Remember when your dog ate my goldfish, but then you said I never had any goldfish? Why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?”

3. Trent: Swingers

Trent is probably the closest on this list to a Barney Stinson type wingman. His buddy Mike is in a miserable place, but he takes it upon himself to find him a good time in Vegas. There’s obviously more to the movie, but that’s a great bro right there. Hard times=Vegas trip, a brilliant bro-quation if I’ve ever heard one.

2. Chewbacca: Star Wars

Look at the facts, Chewie was always there for Han. If Han had ordered it, Chewie would have jumped into the carbon freezing machine too. But they had a plan. A pair of bros always have a plan.

1. Goose: Top Gun

Top Gun really started the whole wingman thing in pop culture and Goose really is the greatest of all-time. Whether it be navigating and being a second set of eyes, or serenading Kelly MacGillis in a bar, he’d do anything for his pal Maverick. Goose’s death is one of very few times in the history of film when it is okay for a man to shed a tear.

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