Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

11 Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

When it comes to the following set of pictures, you better be prepared to do quite a few double-takes. We’ve got 11 photos that if not looked at closely enough at work, would probably lead to your termination (at least depending on your place of employment!). But have no fear because these photos are completely clean, and the only thing that is going to come from looking at them is some laughter as you click away in disbelief. Even people out there that think they are completely innocent will be hard pressed to deny that the initial things they see and focus on in these photos are anything but “pure” and “innocent”. Read the description, and then look at the photo again and see if you’re able to see the photo for what it really is. Just don’t expect most of these photos to be popping up in your Psychology course!

Whether it’s the girl going for a bike ride who was carrying a bigger “package” than expected, or the two incidents of women appearing like they’re naked at bars, there is no shortage of scenarios where dirty thoughts can start to emerge. Sex may be one of the most constant thoughts that go through your mind, so try not to take it too hard when you get totally tripped up by 11 photos that prove you have a dirty mind!

11. A Different Type Of Thumbs Up

Now let’s make something really clear, if you want to get down and have some intimate time with your partner, that’s your business. Though if you decide to take photos of it, make sure you’re really careful of who you send them to! Otherwise who knows where the photos will end up… The above photo involves two people, one a woman who is showing off just how handy she can be. At first glance it definitely seems like a photo that should not be shared. Though if you look a little bit harder, you’ll see it’s a woman gripping a man’s thumb! I’ll give them a thumbs up for fooling me!

10. Too Relaxed By The Pool?

One of the best things about summer coming is being able to go and relax at the pool! And let’s be honest, if you saw the above woman at the pool, you’d probably be spending a lot more time down there! The above photo looks like it’s showing a woman whose decided that bathing suits are optional. Though the sadder reality is that she probably has a bathing suit, and you are instead staring at her knees. Call me crazy, but there’s something a little less sexy about some knee on knee action!

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9. Isn’t Too Much Hair Really The Pits?

I promise you, we really are not trying to get you fired from your job! The above photo looks like a woman who decided not to rake her lady garden (more power to you!), but as you can see, in reality, it’s just a man with a very weird “fat roll” in his armpit. The photo also got famous for the colourful tattoo on the man, you just need to hope there aren’t any penises or vaginas hidden in the design!

8. Daring On The Dance Floor?

Nowadays it seems like women will get up to all kinds of shenanigans in order to try and get some attention at the bar. Blame Miley! The above photo looks like two women are taking it to another level though, as one woman is administering some hand-love to the blonde at the bar whose decided “hey, who needs pants?” As you can imagine, because you know, they weren’t kicked out immediately, the photo is actually just the brunette showing off her bare legs while her hand rests in between her thighs. Still two beautiful women, but at least they both remembered to wear clothes!

7. Biking While Carrying A Package?

If the above photo of the woman by the pool didn’t get you excited about summer, how about the fact that the sun is shining on a far more regular basis! This means that dates that used to consist of Netflix and popcorn, may now start to include fun outdoor activities. While I cannot ride a bike (fun fact), many people love bike riding, but they may have advised the above woman to make sure she had some underwear on! Especially if she would be carrying around a package that would be unusual to see on a woman. Yet rest assured, the woman just chose a very poor color for her bike seat! Something tells me after seeing the photo she’s going to make a beeline to the store.

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6. Who Doesn’t Love A Nice Set Of…

Are you a book lover, or a lover of cleavage? Well lucky for you, life doesn’t force you to choose, but the above photo may be enough to still trip you up! The photo, when up close, looks like a beautiful woman in a red and black dress. I hate to break it to you, but the photo is really of a blank book! I suppose if there was writing on the page it would have given it away. Talk about a twist ending, eh?

5. Though A Little Black Dress Is Also Great…

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a woman out on the town in a beautiful little black dress? Especially when she is wearing a beautiful necklace that tells the world that she has herself a very fortunate man. Yet unfortunately the little black dress that you’re seeing above, is in reality a fishing hook and a strategically folded piece of paper. If you’re going to go out and get your fishing on, you’re probably not thinking about going on a fancy date anytime soon!

4. I Hope This Doesn’t Ruin Babe

When it comes to adorable creatures, pigs have to be pretty high on the list. You can blame Babe! Though when you look at the above photo, “adorable” is probably one of the last words that is going to spring to your mind. The photo shows three pigs (two adult, one baby) that are happily getting some food, though the trough they’re eating from is clearly just out of the camera shot. What it looks like, is a man who decided to sit down on a Xerox machine without his pants on!

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3. The Danger Of A Bad Angle and Filter

Wait…what are we looking at here?! While this may seem like the raunchiest photo of the list so far, it may actually be the most innocent. If you look at the photo from another angle, you may be able to get a better understanding of what’s going on here. It’s not a woman, but instead, a baby that is sleeping, and you are looking at its jumbled mess of eyelashes. You can blame the photographer for picking such a weird tint to put on the photos as well as the strange angle it’s shot from!

2. Judging A Book By Its Cover

I know the expression is that you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we always judge books by their cover! Which makes you wonder how the creators of this book missed the clear oversight. It’s supposed to look like a man who’s raising his hand to God, the only problem is we don’t know where his other hand is! The title says “Prayers That Change Things” but something tells me this cover did a pretty good job of changing the overall impression of the book!

1. Think She’s Forgetting Something?

Don’t you hate it when you are having a fantastic dream, and then you realize you aren’t wearing clothes?! That looks to be what happened to the woman in the above photo, who seems naked when surrounded by people at, presumably, a fun get together. The illusion of a naked woman is created by the arms of the woman in front of her – sorry for the tease, fellas! At least that explains why the woman is smiling, and not scrambling for clothes.

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